‘Extremely Curious’

Ship passes through Channel and then disappears

LONDON – First the ship reported it had been attacked in waters off Sweden. Then it sailed with no apparent problems through one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. And then it disappeared.

The Arctic Sea, a Maltese-flagged cargo ship, was supposed to make port in Algeria with its cargo of timber on Aug. 4. More than a week later, there’s no sign of the ship or its Russian crew.

The whole thing is rather odd. I expect it’s some scheme on someone’s part, but we’ll see.


  1. That is definitely strange. I still don’t understand why these companies don’t put a couple of guys with guns on board to protect the cargo.

  2. Am I paranoid or could the case of the missing ship play out this way?

    The latest Fox news reports that the ship was attacked by 12-armed and masked men off the Northern European coast around Sweden. It went silent, but then the crew(?) were in touch with Swedish authorities and said the “raiders” had left the ship and all was well.

    The ship went silent again, but contacted British authorities as it passed through the English channel near Dover, England. (It was suppose to be headed to Algeria with a cargo of Finnish timber). It was last reported to be in the Atlantic….”Somewhere”.

    I figure it contacted the Brits to buy time and prevent the Brit navy from investigating.

    My guess is it was boarded by al-Qaeda funded, Chetnian Muslims on the father of all suicide missions and they brought a huge dirty bomb or even a real Russian Nuke aboard. Most likely the “real” crew has probably been tossed overboard.

    By now they’re a quarter way across the Atlantic headed straight to New York Harbor!!

    If I were the American military I’d have an aircraft carrier out searching for this ship and when I found it i’d sink it pronto….no warning.


    Obama and friends are currently successfully distracting the country (bet most Americans don’t even know about the “missing ship”) with their “Town Hall” meetings so the real threat will go unchallenged.

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