Down and dirty with AQ

Desperate al Qaeda Gets Penetrated

Strategy Page has an excellent post (Jan 05 post) about what our intel agencies are doing to fight al Qaeda’s terrorist threat. It discusses how we are probably working to penetrate AQ cells and piece together fragments of information to head off the bad guys’ plans.

One thing I’d like to point out is that although I’m sure we’ve scored some big victories that we’ll never hear about, we need to be careful that our tactics are varied and that our responses aren’t canned plans. Our enemy is very cunning, clever, and patient. They will find ways to use our strengths against us if we give them a chance. For my thoughts on the recent airline security issues, check this out.

It’s long and all good, so I’m not going to quote anything except the closing remarks:

Long term, al Qaeda can only be neutralized, or at least made a lot less lethal, through the efforts of hundreds of agents willing to get up close and personal with Islamic terrorists. Many of these American intelligence operatives will die, or simply disappear. But this is where the war on terror will be fought in the long term, and where it will be won or lost.

Everyone interested in the spook side of the Fourth World War should check it out.