Hunt for the Arctic Sea

Russian navy searches Atlantic for missing ship

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered that “all necessary measures” be taken to find the missing ship, and the Russian navy turned all of its vessels in the Atlantic — including three landing ships, a frigate and two nuclear-powered submarines — to search.

Finnish police said they also were assisting in the investigation.

What are the Finns doing? Scouring the streets of Helsinki for a 300-foot cargo carrier?

Anyway, at least those subs off the United States’ east coast have something to do.


  1. Below is a quote from my previous comment on this subject a couple of days ago. I was just joking around then, but now…..UMMMMM, I’m not so sure it’s a joke:

    “My guess is it was boarded by al-Qaeda funded, Chetnian Muslims on the father of all suicide missions and they brought a huge dirty bomb or even a real Russian Nuke aboard. Most likely the “real” crew has probably been tossed overboard.

    By now they’re a quarter way across the Atlantic headed straight to New York Harbor!!”

  2. Heck, ER,

    I don’t want to see anything bad happen to NYC either. I grew up about 15-miles away and have great memories of the Big Apple (only it wasn’t called that then).

    However, This whole missing ship thing stinks of something that the Ossama bin Laden folks would try and pull. With their grasp slipping on Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan this would be the “home run” they’d need to rally the Muslim sewer rats to the jihad.

    I hope I’m wrong and it’s just a simple case of piracy…


    Well at least it will happen on Barack Hussein Obama’s watch.

    On second thought Obama don’t like the Israelis so they could be behind the plot.


    Obama will find some way to blame Bush.

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