Strykers finish up “Arrowhead Blizzard,” ready for more

Stryker Brigade Nabs Suspected Guerrilla Leaders

The Stryker Brigade, in Iraq for nearly a month, is off to a great start. They’ve performed brilliantly in the Samarra region, capturing several wanted enemy leaders and truckloads of weaponry and ammunition.

Now it’s haircut, shower and laundry time as the Stryker soldiers refit for their next mission, a move from Camp Pacesetter. It will be their first big relocation since crossing from Kuwait and rolling into north-central Iraq a month ago.

The first units have already headed out. For security reasons, the brigade won’t allow reporting on the timing and destinations.

This weekend I read this article about how the 101st Airborne is helping set up communications infrastructure in northern Iraq. The network will be centered in Mosul. In the article is this tidbit:

Plans are in place to smooth the transition of this project into the hands of the next group of soldiers who will take over operations in Northern Iraq once the 101st leaves.

“Our goal is to transition with Stryker Brigade so that there’s no loss of support to the local community,” Price said.

(Emphasis mine.) We all know that there’s only one Stryker Brigade, folks. Could the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry be headed to Mosul? If so, the mobility and advanced communications capability of the Strykers should play an even bigger role than they did around Samarra.

We’ll see.


  1. Glad to see someone else connected the dots on this one. My original guess was Kirkuk as that was their original mission, but I was reading about brigades from the 25th ID in Hawaii heading for Kirkuk and knew I was right about Mosul. Now they can see the answer to the Monty Python question: ‘What is the capital of Assyria?’