Something’s wrong on Saturn 3.

UPDATE: Well, that pretty much sucked. Murdoc’s apologies for the interrupted service.

Everyone gets a full refund.

UPDATE 2: Well, it appears that, thanks to abysmal performance on my host’s file manager, Murdoc has managed to lose all the photos from the last several months. Lose as in gone forever. It’s going to be quite a project to get them re-uploaded and all the posts fixed unless there’s some way to retrieve them.

UPDATE 3: Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but I was trying to test something by cloning my site to a test directory. After the test I deleted the clone. Except that instead of COPYING the core files, I somehow MOVED them, meaning the “clone” was, in fact, my real site’s core files. However that happened, once I figured out what happened it was simply a matter of restoring the files I had deleted and moving them back to where they belonged.

Except that the new version of the File Manager doesn’t have a trash bin. The old one did, but the new one doesn’t. I’ve been mystified about why the “new and improved” v3 has no restore functionality when v1 and v2 did, but after contacting support I’ve figured out how this is an improvement.

For a fee, they’ll restore my files.



  1. Take the existing product, but make it more opaque as to how to do the housekeeping without losing anything, then *charge* people to help them after they get it wrong.


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