Getting the Taliban to ‘Vamoose’?

Air Force May Buzz Before Bombing in Afghanistan

A new military approach in Afghanistan may mean buzzing rather than bombing the enemy, according to the general taking over the air war there.

It’s known as irregular warfare, designed to protect local people and then enlist their help defeating Taliban insurgents, Air Force Lt. Gen. Gilmary Hostage said Thursday.

I realize that you can’t just bomb everything indiscriminately, but Murdoc hopes this is some sort of disinformation campaign or something.

A show of force may scare some fighters off at first, but once they realize that the bark won’t be followed by a bite, the bark will stop working.

We’re ramping up our troop levels big time and at the same time putting in more restrictive rules of engagement and advertising that “buzzing instead of bombing” is part of the new strategy? Sounds like a good plan to get more US troops killed and drag things out for an extra decade.


  1. I can see potential value in this: An F-14 cruised by my sailboat once about two feet above the waves, then kicked in the afterburner: one second there the next a small dot on the horizon.

    And the sucker was loud – not noise but a wall of energy that filled up the world.

    If that convinces a fighter to throw up his hands and see the light – better a live convert than a bloody lump of rags.

    If it works .. that is a big ‘if’.

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