I am in shock

Redskins Interested in Gibbs Returning

Joe Gibbs.


Coach the Redskins again.

I’m astounded. Although I’d hate to see Gibbs’ reputation tarnished by a less-than-spectacular second stint as an NFL coach, I’ve got to believe that he would be a winner again.

I was just telling a co-worker the other day that Joe Gibbs’ second Super Bowl championship team had less talent (at least in the starting lineup) than this season’s 5-11 team.

Pick up a defensive lineman or two, and either get a fullback or settle on Ladell Betts, and Gibbs would have all the pieces to start.

He’s never coached in the salary cap era, and he’s never coached in the free agency era. Player salaries and the state of the game are far different than when he last held the clipboard.

But Joe Gibbs has time and again proven himself a smart leader, an honest man, and a determined winner.

Gibbs returning to the ‘Skins (and don’t forget that he’d be facing his old nemesis Bill Parcells, who now coaches the hated Cowboys) would be good for the Redskins, good for the NFL, and good for professional sports in general.

We’ll see.

UPDATE: League sources are confirming that it’s a done deal. No official word yet.

UPDATE 2: That ESPN story I linked to in the first update claims Steve Spurrier quit after two 5-11 seasons. He actually went 7-9 and 5-11.