Body Armor

Flak Vest Follies

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about how screwed up the Interceptor Body Vest situation is, here’s a story from Jason Van Steenwyk, a soldier in Iraq.

Lowlights include:

When we got there, we saw some Air Force types with the new vests, and immediately requested them. But the Fort Stewart types said they couldn’t issue them for some reason—we were supposed to get the new vests once we deployed in theater.

No dice. (Note to deploying units: anyone who tells you “don’t worry—you’ll get it in theater, unless he can give you an exact point of contact to get it there and how many items they already have set aside for you and you have an email address so you can write and confirm it yourself—is either clueless, or lying to you to make you go away.)


Once we arrived in Southwest Asia in June, though, CFLCC told us, “Our policy to sustain Guard units. Not support them. You were supposed to get that stuff at your mob station.”

They requested vests and were finally approved. But they never received them.

So off to Iraq we went. And they said now that we’re in Iraq, everything we’ve ever ordered through the supply system had to be ordered again. So the first thing we did was order the vests. And again, CFLCC replied that their policy was to sustain guard units, not equip them. “You were supposed to get the vests at your mob station.”

There’s more. Check it out.