Oh, Canada…oh, oh, oh…

Pupils Told to Cool It on Snowball Fights

This is NOT Scrappleface:

A snowball fight is almost a rite of passage for students in Canada but Toronto schools are moving to strengthen a ban on the practice they say is violent and dangerous.

As the first big snowfall greeted Canada’s most populous city this week, schools encouraged students to engage in kinder, gentler activities, such as building snow forts or riding sleds….

While snowball fights are expected to continue to rage off the schoolyard, [superintendent for the Toronto District School Board] Kaukinen said schools cannot condone acts of violence.

I’m sorry. I’m a little deaf in that ear. It sounded like you said “snowball fights” and “acts of violence.”


  1. Our School Board is nuts. That’s the only possible explanation. It’s nice that kids are encouraged to build snow forts, but even they get that there’s no point of building one if you can’t fire snowballs from it. Just watch: they will change the word ‘fort’ (too militaristic) to a gentler, kinder sounding word like ‘hospice’ or ‘learning habitat.’ This city is driving me nuts, but at least street hockey is still allowed.