Lending a Hand?

Troops could be sent to battered Iraqi region

The top U.S. commander in Iraq said Monday that he wants to deploy American soldiers to disputed territories in northern Iraq following a recent spike in bombings there.

The move would be a departure from the security pact that called for Americans to pull back from populated areas on June 30.

The U.S. soldiers would partner with Iraqi government and Kurdish troops to secure the largely unguarded villages along the fault line of land disputed between Arabs and Kurds, Gen. Ray Odierno said.

He stressed that no final decision has been made but said Iraqi and Kurdish leaders were receptive to the idea.

Everyone should realize that no one thinks things are all hunky-dory in Iraq, and if US troops need to re-enter the fight in areas they’ve pulled back from, they will. Though violence isn’t spiraling out of control and Iraq isn’t on the verge of a major civil war, things are a bit shaky in some areas.

If someone else was in the White House, I suspect that the headlines about the situation in Iraq would be slightly more alarmist. But, then, Murdoc’s a bit cynical at times.


  1. That’s all well and fine, but I hope this does not lead to us being caught in the middle of the Iraqis (Shiites) and Kurds fighting over the northern oil. I got back from Iraq in mid June, the local (English) Iraqi and Kurdish press was replete with threats towards one another, couched in terms of “our rights” and “we won’t be dispossessed or rendered powerless”, “we won’t be oppressed by anyone any longer”
    ……..anyway, I suppose you get the drift. No love lost between the two groups at all. It was very commonly perceived amongst my peers and associates, the various parties were waiting for a threshold level of American troups to be reached (during the draw down) then it would be time for the various indigenous parties to settle things up with the “other groups”.

  2. An old police adage says:

    Don’t get caught between a man and his wife who are fighting cause they’ll both turn on you!

    I figure it’s the same for the Iraqis, except substitute “TRIBES” for “husband and wife”.

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