No More USMC Involuntary Recalls

Bigger Corps stops calling up IRR Marines

The Corps has stopped putting Individual Ready Reserve Marines on involuntary orders, phasing out recalls as the active-duty force has grown to 202,000.

A little more than 200 Marines who reported for duty in late spring are likely the last reservists to get involuntarily recalled, said Maj. Steven O’Connor, a spokesman at Marine Corps Headquarters.

This is good news. It means the all-volunteer force is able to meet mission requirements without pulling in guys who don’t necessarily want to put in more time on active duty.


  1. Same thing is true for all our services though. One of our biggest legacies from the Clintonista (those ****ing right wingers—compared to the Obamanation LOL!) regime is the gutting of the Armed Services in the name of the peace dividend. It sure has caused untold unnecessary stress amongst our service personnel over the last seven years or so. Anyway….this is a good development for the Corps!

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