Did the “you’re supposed to be quiet” rule for public libraries get repealed at some time? Or are people just ruder and idioter than they used to be?


  1. As a 74 year old who has seen a lot, I am totally dismayed at how so many people have become MUCH much “Ruder”. I also know, when I am around people like that, “I clue them in.

  2. One of the things which angers me about the Anti-War Clueless Clods of the Loony Left, is they refuse to even consider any of the many facts which prove them wrong. Something which angers me even more is they also refuse to answer many, and sometimes any, of the questions I ask them.

    And as I ALWAYS answer any questions asked me on any subject, this really frustrates me. (Well, I answer them IF I know they have been asked.) Sadly, I find most Christians also do the same when I ask them questions.

    I can only guess the members of both groups are so afraid their honest answers will prove to themselves their positions are intenable, they refuse to answer them.

  3. Ruder. I feel bad when my cell goes off. Some idiots think a library is the perfect place for a loud conversation about intimate details to their friend. Ugh.

  4. My parents grew up during the great depression, dad fought in WW-II and neither of them didn’t question rules and regulations. They also expected my sister and me to follow those rules and their rules to the letter. School teachers were allowed to use corporal punishment and the police were gods. But that was a couple of generations ago and the current cluster of clowns follow a different drummer……well a lot of them anyway.

    These days people, at least some anyway, are no more than spoiled brats whose parents let them get away with anything and bought them anything. They never acquired the personal responsibility ethic.

    So when the large sign in the library says: “Please NO cellphone use in the library” they don’t think it applies to them.

    Thanks generation “X” parents.

  5. For the record, I don’t have any issue with questioning rules. I question rules all the time.

    I might ask “Why should I be quiet in a public library? Why can’t I express myself however I want whenever I want however loud I want?”

    And then I would answer “Because people are reading, working, and concentrating and to be a loud rude jackass would just be wrong.”

    So I’d conclude that being quiet in libraries was a good rule.

    Some jackasses (I saw/heard a few of them last night) obviously would answer the question differently. If enough people really think there’s no need to be quiet in a library, maybe the rule should be reviewed and changed if appropriate.

    But if the rule is still “be quiet,” Murdoc’s opinion is “eject the unquiet jackasses immediately”.

    I’ve just seen/heard so many unquiet jackasses over the past few years I’m wondering if the rule has been changed.

  6. The only place libraries are quiet anymore are those quiet study rooms.

    And they’re usually filled up to max capacity when i get there =-=

  7. I think a lot of it depends on where you live. All the libaries I go to are mostly very quiet. They are El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Torrance & Palos Verdes. (All of which are located in the south Bay area of Los Angeles.)

  8. The idiots round here (Australia) now build open plan libraries AND not only do they not control children, they actually schedule children’s activities at one end – including singing organised by the library staff. When I complained that it should not have been set up that way, they thought it was a perfectly adequate response to tell me that the premises had been set up to cater to all sorts of public needs and genuinely did not get the point that that was precisely why different conflicting needs should have been separated off. I no longer use the library computers.

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