MSNBC. Lies.


A few comments at GunPundit. Video via Sebastian.


  1. The squirrel was funny the first three million times I saw it. But now it’s getting a bit old. It’s so, you know, three days ago.

  2. But *I* first saw it yesterday; it’ll be funny to *me* through at least tomorrow.

    If I had any skill at all- which I don’t- I might’a chopped the squirrel down teeny tiny and put it in the guy’s hand.

  3. the media have been doing this since 1964 to presant day,white bashing,and hate mongering to boost minority ratings and promoting white guilt!the media can not be trusted for any fair and balanced reporting except for the advancements of other races in this country.the melting pot has a crack in it and the white people are slipping through it and the news media will always self hate for anyone who is white and male!

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