Pirates Shoot at the Navy

Somali pirates open fire on U.S. Navy helicopter

Somali pirates holding a hijacked ship off the coast of Somalia fired at a U.S. Navy helicopter as it made a surveillance flight over the vessel, the first such attack by pirates on an American military aircraft, the Navy said Thursday.

The helicopter, which is based on the USS Chancellorsville, was not hit and there were no injuries, the Navy said.

The ship our guys were watching has been held by Pirates since April. April.


  1. I assume that since our guys were fired upon that we immediately vaporized the offenders so as to not encourage future attacks on our service men and women, right? Right?

    Oh yeah. Our folks are just targets with a big chain of lawyers around them so they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  2. Yeah somehow I think if they knew that someone would shoot back, they wouldn’t risk it in the first place.

    Maybe one day somebody in the US federal government will think about Bin Laden’s “paper tiger” comment and its ramifications.

  3. If I had the power, I would inform them they had a choice. Leave the ship without huring anyone and they could live. Do not leave the ship and/or Hurt a crew member not only would they die, so would their close

  4. If I were in charge we’d do it this way:

    Day 1: Info-bomb (leaflets, tapes, etc.) the current main Pirate port stating that if all ships and crews aren’t returned unharmed within 10 days the port will be erased.

    Day 10: Field test the MOAB.

    Day 11: Info-bomb the new main Pirate port…

  5. If Senator Ted Kennedy were still alive he’d jump overboard onto his 44-foot sailboat, sip on a big glass of Irish Whisky, caress his 22-year old intern’s boobies and let the crew drown!

  6. No on MOAB way too messy. The problem? Too big of an area to patrol. Too many ships to protect. So lets reduce the problem. Go after the pirates after they take a ship.

    Hit the ship with an EMP effect. Take out the electronics and engines. The ship is stranded and the pirates trapped. Send in Seals at night.

    Rinse lather, repeat. Continue till the pirates decide that there are easier ways to make a living.

  7. James

    We don’t want to patrol / control the areas. We just want the pirates controlled and the only way to do that is to have the local population do it.

    Right now the incentive is to support the pirates because they’re the only thing bringing in money. When they start bringing devestation instead the piracy will stop.

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