F-22: Quarterback of the Skies

The New Playbook

The Air Force has begun radically revising its combat playbook for the F-22 fighter. Instead of employing the Raptor en masse, as previously planned, USAF will use it as a scarce but extremely powerful enabler, deployed selectively in those times and places when it can enhance the performance of the entire combat air force.

Plans call for F-22s, in small numbers, to work in cooperation with more numerous but aged F-15s, which are expected to serve for another 15 years. The two air superiority fighters, old and new, will share air combat duties and hew to employment tactics suitable for a mixed force.

Good read on what the plans for the Raptor are now that it appears that additional planes will not be purchased.


  1. Interesting concept Vitor.

    It harps of 007 type gadgets.

    I hope that guy doesn’t try and wipe his ass or pick his nose while wearing the thing. However, if he feels the need to do both, I suggest the nose picking comes first.

    Then again anyone who would come up with the concept of a “wrist-flame thrower” might just deserve a fried weener!

  2. I guess the new strategy is the inevitable result of not having a credible stand alone force; itself the inevitable result of raging cost over runs. Good lookin’ out contractors and program managers!

  3. Murdoc, this is the way it should be, a silver bullet solution with these high tech planes. They should back up the conventional operating forces, not comprise the bulk of it when you have so many low tech insurgency needs where such exquisite planes are overkill, and too costly to risk.

    The Navy is having the same problem buying only high end weapons which usually end up chasing pirates in speed boats. What a waste!

  4. I don’t know why they aren’t deployed in Okinawa or Guam. It seems like they could be needed at a moment’s notice to defend South Korea or Taiwan.

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