Giving in on Missile Defense

Even Appeasers All Appeased Out

I can never figure out why so many people are opposed to missile defense.

Caving in more or less completely on the European shield is not a surprise, though.


  1. I wouldn’t get so worked up. If the Europeans think they need a missile defense system, they should install one. Both Poland and the Czech Republic are part of the EU. It’s about time the EU take on a more active role in their defense.

    This also might be a chess play to get the Russians onboard for an attack on Iran. They released the secret Iran-can-make-nukes report today. Maybe they are shaping the political field for an attack.

  2. It’s about time the EU take on a more active role in their defense.

    Well, you know I won’t argue with that.

    This also might be a chess play to get the Russians onboard for an attack on Iran.

    I hope I’m wrong when I think that there’s no way this move was made with anything I’d approve of in mind.

    Not that I’d just give a blanket approval for an attack on Iran…but I would approve of maneuvering to keep options open. That’s the sort of thing I guess I’m skeptical of. I’d like to be proven wrong, though…

  3. Poland was one of our strongest allies in Iraq. Along with the Czechs and Ukrainians, and unlike the Western Europeans, they were willing to pull their weight in an alliance – and we just deeply insulted them.

    Was it rank amateurism in the Administration and State Department or deliberate disrespect that they delivered this news on the 70th anniversary of the Russian and German invasion of Poland? Either way, we just lost a good friend for no good reason. I’m truly disgusted.

  4. Was there any doubt in anyone’s (anyone who posts here regularly) mind that we’d bail on E Europe MD, bail in Iraq (no matter what), and continue talking to the NKs and Iranians long after the point of prudence, and make major defense cuts in lieu of increasd emphasis on “social programs/justice”…………once the furthest left of all our Senators was elected President?

    The tanked economy is just a double whammy as far as defense cuts go. True enough; money is short, but it also serves an an excellent reason/pretest for cutting away as you intended anyway. Not that some of those bloated cost over run monstrosities didn’t need to be made in to object lessons to the remaining defense programs.

  5. Regardless of whether the EU should provide for its own missile defense, this GBI site was intended to also protect the Northeast US from future Iranian ICBMs. And no quantity of theater defenses are going to replace that lost capability.

  6. What’s really disgusting is that Obambi gave all this to the Russians for free.

    No negotiations, nothing. Of course the Russians aren’t going to give him more than a pat on the head.

  7. Lesson for potential future allies of the US? You and your security is less important to us than avoiding tension with tin pot dictators. So don’t bother being a good-faith ally, it won’t bear fruit for you. Note to tin pot dictators: Keep it up, it’ll pay off sooner or later!

    I really hope there is more to this and that I am proved wrong, but the track record of leadership from the left in this country strongly points to the contrary.

  8. Regarding Europe starting to pick up the tab for its own defense, it would be nice if they did, and it would be even nicer to have an ally capable of projecting its own power in a meaningful way (Brittan excluded, for the time being, from that gibe). It will take far more than reneging on an anti missile site to start that fire burning, though. NATO is the very security blanket that allows Europe to indulge itself the way it does. They’ve been on a holiday from history, more or less, for sixty years.

  9. An alternative view:
    “President Barack Obama yesterday announced that he would scrap George W. Bush’s plan to park missile-defense interceptors in Poland and place an X-band radar in the Czech Republic. Speaking yesterday to reporters, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates offered the new rationale.

    “Over the last few years, we have made great strides with missile defense, particularly in our ability to counter short-and-medium-range missiles,” he said. “We now have proven capabilities to intercept these ballistic missiles with land-and-sea-based interceptors supported by much-improved sensors. These capabilities offer a variety of options to detect, track and shoot down enemy missiles. This allows us to deploy a distributive sensor network rather than a single fixed site, like the kind slated for the Czech Republic, enabling greater survivability and adaptability.”’

  10. I hope that is all true, and it very well may be. But by this stage in the game, its besides the point.

    Poland and the Czech Republic took a fair deal of political risk in making the public stand that they would play host to this missile system despite Russia’s vehement opposition, not to mention bluster and veiled threats. They staked their bet on a strong American alliance to help deter any future aggression by a resurgent authoritarian Russia, not just in being part of the missile shield, but also being a good ally to Bush in the War On terror, or Overseas Contingency Operations. Now, this move by the current administration obviously doesn’t mean we are no longer allies, or that we will not help in the case of war, but last year’s invasion of Georgia has already told former eastern block countries all they need to know about the West’s desire to get involved.

    The Polish President’s refusal to accept a call from the Secretary of State on this matter is telling, if you ask me. They are pissed off at the snub, and I don’t blame them a bit. Who are we trying to impress here? The people who help us or the people who hinder us?

  11. For as little as it is worth, an Analyst Analyzes:

    “Zakaria: Russia does have a renewed influence in Eastern Europe, and that is definitely a source of concern for both the Poles and the Czechs. And not helping issues is the fact that Moscow had made missile defense into a test of cooperation with Washington. But to continue with a bad policy simply because the Russians don’t like it is not the basis for a sensible strategy for the United States.”

  12. Putting 10 GBI’s in Poland and that Radar in the Czech Republic was a bad idea from the start and a huge waste of money. I’m glad we aren’t going ahead with it but it does bother me that in looks like we’re caving into the Russians and that announcing that we weren’t going ahead with it was handled so badly. Also someone correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the Poles still getting the patriot missile batteries?

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