Monopoly’s Hidden Maps

Silk Escape Maps Concealed in Game Boards Helped WWII Prisoners

During World War II, as the number of British airmen held hostage behind enemy lines escalated, the country’s secret service enlisted an unlikely partner in the ongoing war effort: The board game Monopoly.

It was the perfect accomplice.

Included in the items the German army allowed humanitarian groups to distribute in care packages to imprisoned soldiers, the game was too innocent to raise suspicion. But it was the ideal size for a top-secret escape kit that could help spring British POWs from German war camps.

I’d never heard of this.


  1. Really? It was in all the papers. Er, well, uh, that was back when there WERE papers. If you REALLY want to be astounded, read up on Maskelin. He invented, among other things, camoflauge.

  2. Yeah, but then they would have had to get a dictionary too.

    Otherwise a new war would have started in the camps (I’m just going off good intelligence from what happens my house).

  3. “Yeah, but then they would have had to get a dictionary too.”

    Think Vstress,

    The allies could have hollowed the dictionaries out and hidden a Tom-Tom GPS in them.

    Then there would be no need for the maps.

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