Iskanders Maybe Not Cancelled?

Russia general says missile plan not shelved

Russia’s top general said on Monday that plans to deploy missiles in an enclave next to Poland had not been shelved, despite a decision by the United States to rethink plans for missile defense in Europe.


  1. Another Soviet Sucker-Punch directed at the soft belly of President Obama!

    Barack you may float like a butterfly


    Putin stings like a bee!

  2. Its called “soft power.” Its so soft that Russia didn’t even feel it.

    Where’s that reset button? I think they need to hit it again. Or better yet, Control Alt Delete.

  3. Relax! Relax! I’ve written Obama to advise him of my dog’s amazing powers of hypnotism (she routinely does this to me when I’m eating tasty treats of one sort or another). All we have to do, is get Putin, whatshisname (the Russian President), and Sadie in the same room on some clever pretext (maybe some glad handing seminar sponsored by PETA—the Russians being well known suckers for animals of all sorts) and their @$$3$ are ours! They’ll not only let us put missiles where ever we want; they’ll be all to happy to PAY US to do it! Neat, huh!?

  4. So what, really? If Russia wants to spend money on some stupid missiles that they wont use, their loss. It’s not like they can invade a well consolidated country like nowdays Poland without suffering big losses and all european community against them. Stupidity is self-defeating.

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