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McChrystal to resign if not given resources for Afghanistan

Bill Roggio:

Today, the military is perceiving that the administration is punting the question of a troop increase in Afghanistan, and the military is even questioning the administration’s commitment to succeed in Afghanistan. The leaking of the assessment and the report that McChrystal would resign if he is not given what is needed to succeed constitute some very public pushback against the administration’s waffling on Afghanistan.



  • Harp1034 says:

    We do not know if the military leaked this or not. It may not be true. It could be an anti-war activist in the White House. Let’s wait and see what else comes out. It looks like Ombama is trying to get his health scare bill through with out pissing off the far left wingers.

  • Toejam says:

    General McChrystal is a good soldier, but Obama is trying to make him the scapegoat by denying him the additional resources he has requested.

    Short of using H-Bombs to carpet bomb the entire country total military victory is not possible in Afghanistan. It’s a meat-grinder and Obama wants out, but doesn’t want to be the president that history records as a war loser.

    McChrystal’s between a rock and a hard place. His only option is retirement.

  • Flanker says:

    Damn! Those other guys are right……….Jimmy Carter is starting to look good!?

  • GeekLethal says:

    “…questioning the administration’s commitment to succeed in Afghanistan”

    Well that begs the question of what, precisely, the mission is.

  • anan says:

    I say this as someone who is a big Obama backer . . . I am unnerved.

    McCain has been one of my favorite senators since the early 1990s. I still voted for Obama. I thought Obama was serious about winning the conflict with global Takfiri extremism. He might still be. Perhaps Obama is really threatening Karzai with withdrawing support if he does not allow a runoff election. If this is really what is going on and “IF” it works, then may God Bless Obama. But I am really unnerved.

  • Sam says:

    Have there ever been any successful and lasting occupations of Afghanistan region?

    Either way, what lesson can we take from that?

    Al Qaeda’s lesson taken is to base ones anti-western insurgency in a country with the Bomb, while trapping that enemy in a historically unwinnable quagmire.

  • anan says:

    Sam, Afghanistan has over the last 5,000 years generally been allied with or a part of regional powers (South Asia, Persia, Mongols, Seljik Turkic Mongols) Afghanistan in its current boundaries has rarely been independent before 1747. In 1747, Eastern Persia broke off and called itself Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan in 1747 included Eastern Iran, large parts of India, large parts of the former USSR, and all of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Later the Brits defeated Afghanistan and transformed it into a protectorate a fraction of its former size. This protectorate is modern Afghanistan. It lasted until the 1973 coup that set off 3 1/2 decades of civil war.

    Murdoc, McChrystal said: “I can tell you unequivocally that I have not considered resigning at all.”


  • Casey says:

    …And by now many of you will have heard that McChrystal has categorically denied these rumors…

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