Iranian AWACS Down

Been real busy but was sent this by a reader about the Iranian aircraft crash noted previously:

Iran Air Force Il-76 Crash Details and Video

Facts are now in concerning the tragedy at the 2009 Sacred Defense air show in Tehran. On the 22nd of September, at 09:02 hours, IRIAF Il-76MD “Simorgh” (Baghdad-2/Adnan-2, No. 1 with 5-8208 serial) crashed near Varamin City, killing all seven crew members aboard. At 09:02 hrs, the pilot radioed to Mehrabad control tower that the aircraft’s engines under the right wing had caught fire.



  1. Mr. Luigi Vercotti could not be reached for comment…

    “Nice paratrooper division you got there, gov’ner. Be a shame if someone was to set fire to ’em”

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