What? Double Standards in the Media? Who Knew?


A few clowns shout at a “tea party” and the media starts worrying about the resurgent Klan, but the left literally attacks the police at the G20 protests and nobody says anything.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: LOL! Get a load of this video forwarded to MO by a reader:


Nice surplus store BDUs.

UPDATE 2: More info on this HERE. Apparently these BDU guys are some sort of G-20 “tactical response team” and the guy they nabbed was accused of vandalism. Not military or police. Probably cheap contractors.


  1. hmmm.
    No insignia, no rank, mismatched BDU’s, non standard BDU’s, nonexistent restraint procedures, and no radios or gear evident.
    Oh and no attempt to get the plate on the car.


  2. Not only do they not call them Leftists, they leave out something else.

    Notice how Rush, Beck, Hannity, and other right wing talkers are accused of ‘ginning up violence’?

    Isn’t it Michael Moore himself who is calling capitalism evil? Yet, no mention of him ginning up violence.

  3. Wait one!

    What we have in this 34 second is a failure to communicate the “real facts”.

    You gotta ask youself:

    Who were they (The BDU boys)?

    Who was the kid they snatched?

    If the kid was a Left-Wing, Socialist, violent brat who had just thrown a garbage can through a storefront window and the BDU boys were cops then I say:

    Cut the kid,s nuts off so he can’t reproduce and give the cops a medal!

  4. This 74 year old Agnostic Atheist Activist (And I’ve been a Atheist Activist for longer than most Obots have been alive) SAYS:

    Yep, the Clueless Clods of the Loony Left are double standard hypocrites. The idiots bitch about others who do not even come close to doing as bad things as they do.

    As anyone covering their face while attending a demonstration is NOT there to demonstrate in a peaceful manner, I would like to see many bloggers getting the word out to “good people” to take photos of them and their cars when they see where the person attempting to hide who they are while going to or returning from a demonstration such as these at the G-20 protests.

    After all. as these masked demonstrators have to come from & return to some place where they are putting on and/or removing their “masks” good people may be able to get pictures of them.

  5. I have to agree with Murdoc. This is a non story, the loonie left and their stooges in the MSM, and the New Messiah may not have invented the double standard………….but they are skilled in, and not at all shy in using it Liberally (if I might be so bold as to say) seasoned with BS, of course! LOL!

    As Homer Simpson cogently observed, “OOOOOOO, they have the internet on computers, now!”

  6. Looks like agitprop ‘street theatre’ to aggravate the crowd.

    The black guy is, however, carrying something resembling a weapon on his belt. Check it as he puts the ‘perp’ in the car.

  7. Personally I would prefer it if the police did not try to appear like they were in the military. There is no point in wearing woodland camo in downtown Pittsburgh, and doing so only gives these idiots ammunition to make these claims.

    Stick with the LAPD style unis or the Andy Griffith khakis.

  8. Sorry, I was watching news in Pittsburgh that night and now I can’t find it.I do remember it was a bit in another story about the youtube videos going viral. Sorry

  9. I hate these damn godless leftist morons. If they did get their wish and lived in their “perfect” socialist society free of “evil” capitalist, they wouldn’t last long at all.

  10. Interesting. Last I heard they were supposed to be Penn. state police. One analyst grabbed screen caps which seemed to show a Penn. state police insignia in low-observable colors on the black gentleman’s right shoulder. You can see a hip holster on the white guy at one point as well.

    Other sources say the perp was grabbed for vandalism. Big shock, I know.

    While I agree there’s an absurd double-standard on display here, please note that the shmucks in question were anarchists, not lefties.

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