Friday Linkzookery – 02 Oct 2009

Obama Missile Defense Blunder
This comes in the context of already deteriorating Central and East European confidence in America.

No joke: College removes zombie plan from site
If zombies attack the University of Florida, the students are doomed.

C-17 delivers first M-ATVs to Afghanistan
300-500 light MRAPs to be delivered for each of the next three months.

The Senators’ C-17 Debate
Buying 10 more transports despite USAF claims that they aren’t needed.
Ken Burns National Parks DVD
Still no charges for accused Colo. faker
Supposed gay war hero and 9/11 survivor who campaigned for anti-war candidates was just a liar but may not be prosecuted.

Ken Burns: National Parks – America’s Best Idea
Murdoc’s caught a few bits of this series on PBS and loves it.

Israel Takes Delivery of 2 German-Built U212 Subs
Diesel/AIP boats.

Military to open new investigation into battle that killed nine soldiers
Another look at July, 2008, battle at Wanat, Afghanistan.

Boston Tea Shirt
Great T-Shirt from Ranger Up.

U.S. willing to let go of Icann
What could possibly go wrong?


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