This is a good move

Bush opens new Iraq contracts to Canada

Although I fully support our earlier decision to lock the coalition of the unwilling out of Iraq reconstruction contracts, I wrote at the time

The one area where I’ve got any flexibility is Canada. Honestly, I think we are better off with Canada than without Canada. In the long run, of course, they’re much more dependent on us than we are on them, for anything, but I think that we need to work harder to meet them on common ground. Since we literally share common ground. But they’ve already pledged to contribute to the rebuilding effort, too. France and Germany can’t say that.

This is a new Prime Minister, a new year, and hopefully a new start to US-Canada relations. We need them on our side.

Also, since it was so wrong-headed of Bush to lock Canada out in December, I’m curious to see why it’s also so wrong-headed of him to NOT lock them out in January. I’m especially waiting to hear what Howard Dean thinks.