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Wal-Mart: Everything’s Just Fine Here! Promise!

Johno at the Minister of Minor Perfidy notes a Wal-Mart internal audit that reveals more than 100,000 labor violations at only 128 stores. The audit was conducted three years ago.

The audit — now under court seal — of one week’s time-clock records for about 25,000 employees found 1,371 instances in which minors worked too late at night, worked during school hours or worked too many hours in a day, the paper said. It also found 60,767 apparent instances of workers not taking breaks, and 15,705 apparent instances of employees working through meal times.

Actually, that comes up to 77,843 violations. Maybe Johno added the 25,000 figure to the total, even though it’s actually just the number of employee records audited.

According to this, Wal-Mart had 3,244 US stores (including Supercenters and Sam’s Clubs) and 1,170 more outside the country.

Let’s see. 77,843 violations divided by 128 stores is 608 violations per store. And 608 violations per store times 3,244 stores is 1,972,352 violations in US stores. (Let’s not even worry about the international stores. I’m assuming that every single employee in every single international store is violated hourly.)

1.9 million violations. Per week.

Maybe we need to recall the Stryker Brigade and send them on a mercy mission to every Wal-Mart in the USA. If this gets any worse, UN inspectors will be finding mass graves under Wal-Mart parking lots in twenty years.

But hey, at least toilet paper and DVDs are cheaper at Wal-Mart.

UPDATE: This article, while also citing “nearly 100,000” violations, includes:

Former store manager, Jon Lehman, says two-and-a-half months after the audit came out, Wal-Mart implemented a new policy saying employees did not have to clock out for breaks and lunches.

All the better not to see you with, my dear. When looking for deals, MO shops at Target.


  1. Murdoc, Damn my addition! Your math is correct, sir. And I like your headline better as well. Add to that your pleasing scent, and you’re altogether a quality blogger.