F136 JSF Engine Gets Funding

House, Senate negotiators fund second F-35 engine

U.S. House and Senate negotiators defied a White House veto threat and agreed on Tuesday to include $560 million in the fiscal 2010 defense authorization bill for an alternate F-35 engine, several sources familiar with the talks told Reuters.

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have repeatedly said they oppose funding for the second F-35 engine, which is being built by General Electric Co and Britain’s Rolls-Royce Group Plc given mounting pressures on the U.S. defense budget.

But administration officials issued more cautious statements on Tuesday, which several sources said signaled that the White House was easing off its veto threat.

Murdoc has long been in favor of the alternative engine in principle and is glad to see that, once again, the F136 appears to have survived.

Note: You probably saw the Blogad advertisements for the GE/RR F136 program running on this site recently. Those were purchased normally as standard Blogads, and Murdoc Online has received no compensation for writing this post or for supporting the F136 program. If, in the future, Murdoc receives an F136-powered F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter in appreciation for his efforts, he will be sure to disclose it in order to remain compliant with new FTC standards.


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    If they can afford to inject hundreds of billions into every other sector of government, while leaving defense as almost the lone large sector to be cut, they can afford .5 billion for a second engine.

  2. +1 on the adblock plus. And Murdoc better be willing to give rides to his loyal readers. Since we have made him such an internet superstar.

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    Either way, the ads make Murdoc look like a sellout, which isn’t the case. However, if my F136-powered F-35 arrives, I will happily admit to becoming a TOTAL $ELLOUT. (Especially if it’s the B model…that way I could drive it to work and use it to run errands and stuff.)

    And yes, there will be rides are all loyal readers. Bring your own gas.

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