Someone told me about this and I thought they had been hoaxed

Kids from the Ron Clark Academy sing a song promoting health care reform on CNN:

Should Murdoc be troubled by this or just embarrassed?

UPDATE: IRS Made Errors in Stimulus Payments to 400,000 Taxpayers



  1. I’ll tell you what……the left sure has come out of the closet. NBC, some news papers, and the Unions (including the Education Associations) are virtual arms of the Peoples Commissariat for Truth and Correct Thinking, since the Obamanation got elected. No pretense whatsoever at professionalism or objectivity.

    This article is just another example of it. It’s local for me too. I mentioned back before the election about how one or more of my Grand Daughters teachers was pimping Obama to the class (based on my GDs routine spewing of Obama propaganda, quite odd as neither her Mom or me had anything positive to say about the lad).

    Anyway……….we’re dining out recently…….my GD pipes up with some pro Obama health care comment, then finishes with she’s glad Obama got elected instead of McCain.

    Me: So, why is Obama a better president than McCain would’ve been?
    GD: Because his policies are so much better than McCain’s.
    Me: Which of Obama’s polices do you think are the best?
    GD: I dunno.
    Me: Name one of his policies.
    GD: I dunno any.
    Which of McCain’s policies do you think are bad?
    GD: I dunno.
    Me: If you don’t know what any of Obama’s or McCain’s policies are, how can you say Obama’s a better president than McCain would’ve been?
    GD: You’re being rude.
    Me: No, I’m treating you like an adult (she’s 13), and challenging you to justify a position I disagree with on a topic you brought up. Sometimes, that’s what adults do in conversations.

    You can imagine how the rest of that went (time to talk about Hannah Montana, or something else she actually knew something about! LOL!).

    Turns out one of her teachers in middle school was pimping Obama in class again, while they were working on “social studies” (who would’ve figured?).

    I’ve got no problem with the teacher favoring who ever they want, or expressing an opinion on it, but lobbying the kids in class on behalf of the MEAs official party and president is totally off base. I haven’t been up to the shcol to get a chunk of this guff, because my daughter has asked me not to embarass my GD (even though my daughter is pissed about the propaganda too). Gggggggrrrrrr!!!!!!

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