I Hope They Spend Time Looking for a Really Big Book

Alleged fake hero faces U.S. charges

Richard Strandlof, a former mental patient, is the first person in Colorado to be charged under the 2006 Stolen Valor Act, which provides for prosecution of people who pretend to have won military medals as members of the armed forces. He was arrested Friday, the FBI said.

Strandlof had said he was a Marine who survived the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon and survived again when a roadside bomb went off in Iraq, killing four fellow Marines. He said that explosion left him with a metal plate in his head, CNN reported.

Strandlof traveled around Colorado at the sides of politicians, speaking on behalf of veterans at the state Capitol, and formed the Colorado Veterans Alliance.

He’s gonna need a metal plate after that book gets thrown at him.


  1. Phony vets and heros are detestable, even if they are allegedly crazy.

    Did I ever tell you guys about the time I saved Mick Jagger’s life on that USO tour in Nam?

  2. Thank God you did, otherwise we would never have been treated to the cinematic masterpiece “Freejack.”

    I’m curious as to the reaction of the anti-war types that embraced him before. Are they doing the right thing and denouncing this guy, or do they seem to act like the ends justified the means, that his lie was in service of their truth?

    The presence or lack of intellectual honesty in a cause can tell you a lot about its sincerity.

  3. About time.

    As I understand it, he affected the election of one of the politicians he was stumping for when this story broke before the election.

    What’s interesting is that the candidate was a real Vet, and was actually at the Pentagon on the day of the attack. It turns out Standloff borrowwed elements of his story, recycled it, and presented it as his own.

    They’re out there, and it will only get worse in a few years. Mark my words, you’ll see 3 to 4 times as many people claiming Afghan/Iraq service 20 years from now than were actually there. 20 somethings who didn’t have the balls to ruck up will reach middle age feeling they missed something, and will overcompensate by saying they were there. Most will likely claim to have been “black ops” of some sort or another.

  4. I predict the future will be claiming to work for a private security company. All the glamor of being special ops, with no pesky laws punishing you for lying.

    “Yeah, I was in Iraq, working for Blackwater. We used to get shot up every day guarding convoys on Route Irish … (insert barely creible lie here)”.

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