More on Turkey

Here are a couple of additional items on the ongoing soap opera surrounding Turkey:

Israel-Turkey Rift Derails Defense Trade

The growing Israel-Turkey rift that culminated in Ankara canceling Israeli participation in a multinational exercise threatens to derail already declining defense cooperation between the two countries, said officials from both countries.

Israel plans to withhold export licenses for the sale of defense articles and services to Turkey, and demote the country’s standing from preferred to one that carries a presumption of denial, Ministry of Defense sources said.

On the flip side:

For Turkey and Israel, Common Interests Trump Tensions

The improbable relationship between Turkey and Israel has long stood as a unique model of pragmatic, strategic thinking in a region rife with instability, tension, and identity-based alliances. In recent months, however, growing strains between the Jewish state and its Muslim neighbor have come to light, leading some to believe their decades-old ties could reach the breaking point. And yet, if one looks more closely at the relationship, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that a break between the two countries is highly unlikely.

I hope so.