Friday Linkzookery – 23 Oct 2009

Without “prudent worrying,” we run a greater risk of a nasty military surprise
When war comes, US leaders must fight with the forces in hand.

British nuclear expert dies in 40-metre plunge
Police are investigating after a British nuclear energy expert involved in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme fell 40 metres to his death from a UN building in Vienna.

Star Wars Clone Wars DVDSurvival Knife Bayonet
For Your Handgun.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One
I haven’t watched any of these, but I really liked the original series. This series (and the movie that kicked it off) are different, but my kids have enjoyed what they’ve seen.

Cheney’s Speech
Countering all the claims that the Bush administration left no plans in place for Afghanistan. Obama’s new plan is just like the old plan.

Combat’s positive effects examined
Post-Traumatic Growth. Don’t hear much about that.

How lean manning saps morale, puts sailors at risk
Lean manning at sea means one thing: sleep deprivation.

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Matt Burden Announces Campaign for 41st District
Blackfive is running for the Illinois state House.

Retiring to a gun in the sun
William Foster, 55, retired from the police force. And became a CH-47 door gunner. He’s currently serving in Iraq. So, like, who’s cutting his grass?

Amphibious ops to become default mode for MEUs
The Marines have spent too much time acting like the Army lately.

Blacks need party affiliations by candidates so that they know how to vote???
The US DoJ says they do.

Jihad Ain’t Easy
Apparently misled by the Brady Bunch, the media, and Barack Obama, terrorist wannabes planning attacks on US malls are disappointed to learn it’s not easy or cheap to acquire automatic weapons in America.

Medium ImageBe a Good Victim
Marin County, CA: Under current law, the Second Amendment ends at your front door.

Assault on Weapons: The Campaign to Eliminate Your Guns
by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman

House Democrats Lock GOP Out of Committee Room
Literally. As in: they changed the locks on the doors so the keys the GOP members had no longer worked. Grow up.

Russia violating treaty, developing missile
The new multiple-warhead RS-24 (SS-27) violates START. Rooskies cheating? Doesn’t seem likely, does it?

Map of Taliban control in Pakistan’s Northwest
What a mess.

Carnival of Homeschooling #199
Maine: The Postcards Don’t Lie Edition

Natural Gas Changes the Energy Map
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.

Riggins: Redskins organization has been taken hostage by a child
The ‘Skins are a shambles. I think everyone must go. The owner, too. Especially the owner.

Primate fossil called only a distant relative
Ida is “as far removed from the monkey-ape-human ancestry as a primate could be.”

Concealed Carry on Campus in Michigan?
Michigan’s HB 5474 would prohibit colleges and universities from banning concealed weapons.

Armored Steiner Binoculars
With a compass in the stock but no thing which tells time.

Inside-the-Waistband Holsters by Richard Mann
Also see The Paddle and The Pancake.

Shake Your Mailbox Day in Michigan is Saturday
Gov. Jennifer Granholm has proclaimed Saturday Shake Your Mailbox Day in Michigan, part of a joint public awareness effort on the part of the road commission and the United States Postal Service.


  1. Good post, but the entry titled “Survival Knife Bayonet” leads to a GunPundit post concerning an LED flashlight. There also seems to be a problem opening “Retiring to a Gun in the Sun”, although that might be the designated sites fault.

  2. Glad I’m not in the Navy. I’ve been on exercises during which I would get an hour or 2 of sleep a night for a couple of weeks. At the end of that run I was miserable. I had no memory and was incredibly quick tempered.

    I would not make a 6-month cruise with sleep deprivation. I would be put off the ship for striking an officer inside a month. It is shocking that the Navy thinks people can effectively function with no sleep. Flies in the face of logic and real-world results.

  3. Bram,
    But those exercises were awesome for taking off extra weight. I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks in the maneuver box at NTC once. No sleep, minimal food, fueled basically by coffee and cigarettes. And working like a beast.

    Yup, the poundage melted away.

    Put it all back on first weekend back I think. But the point still stands.

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