Government announces crackdown on exorcists

Ananova is all over this bizarre development:

A Kenyan government official has ordered the arrest of exorcists following claims that they are being used to break the “evil eyes” spell.

The Coast Provincial Commissioner, Mr Cyrus Maina, says since Sunday exorcists have been storming homes of those they suspect to be under the spell and unearthing what they claim to be witchcraft equipment.

During the ritual, they bite off chickens’ heads and let blood stream from their mouths and down their chests. They then smear the blood on their faces. The exorcists also strip their clients naked and smear their bodies with chicken blood.

If those people have seen that little girl spider walking down those stairs head-first in The Exorcist – The Version You’ve Never Seen, maybe they’d realize that a little chicken blood maybe isn’t so bad.