Boston 26.2

I’ve just been notified that Murdoc’s application for next April’s Boston Marathon has been approved.

Folks, that is lifetime dream that has just been given the green light.


  1. Bram: Just qualifying and running is the dream. Running well would be icing on the cake. I’ve actually managed to run another qualifying time two weekends ago, so I could run 2011 if I completely failed.

    fj44dash1: You have to run a qualifying time (which I barely managed to make), fill out your entry/app, and wait to hear back from them when it’s been checked and approved.

    Fiftycal: Because that’s where the Boston Marathon is.

  2. Yeah, that’s kind of big news around here. I ran in Grand Rapids on Sunday (half marathon) and I don’t think anyone had any serious issues.

    I’m not sure how someone in “great shape” (according to the family of one of the Detroit runners who died) could suffer from something like that. Especially in a half. But five of the six dead they’re talking about were in halves. Just doesn’t make sense to me. But it obviously happens.

  3. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding running and other strenuous activity. The lord has given us beer and TV to fill our time with in this modern age. You are a strange, strange man.

    Good luck duder.


    I did some 10Ks and those was enough for me. IF I ever get off my old butt and actually use the TRIKKE I bought, I might ride it in next years LA Marathon. When I called Trikke, I asked if I was one of the oldest to buy one. (I’m 74) They said NO, as they had people in their 90’s using them for fun, to get in shape and/or to lose weight.

    Trikkes are 25 percent more efficient than running, treadmills, bikes, etc. and they have no “impact” problems. Their website: And there are videos you can see by goggling it.

    IF you want more energy, reduce muscle soreness and to recover more quickly from your running, you should do what I have been doing for over 12 years now. It is drinking and/or when needed, using topically, a natural immune boosting “miracle” named Noni Juice.

    Before I started drinking Noni 12 years ago, my muscles would be sore for a couple of days after playing two person beach volleyball. I just played last monday night and no soreness at all. plus most of the aches & pains of old age disappeared once I started drinking it. (Plus. NO flu)

    Hey, people have been drinking and using it topically for over 5,000 years so it must work. I know it works for me so well that even after 12 years, it still amazes me. There are quite a few athletes using it. (Including Olympic and Professional) You can get it at Cosco and a lot other places aside from guys like me.

    Or course, due to my own use and research, I believe TNI’s is the best there is and as they sell over 80% of all the Noni sold in the world, mostr opther Noni users must agree. (FYI While it took Microsoft eight years to reach One Billion in sales, TNI reached TWO Billion in only seven years!)

    Since I bug you with emails, I will send you a bottle of ours for free. IF you are interesed e-me.



    1. I see a few guys on those Trikkes here. One guy is out quite often on the trail where I usually run. It looks damn weird but I’ve always thought they look like a decent workout.

  5. Yea, they do look weird and they piss off bike riders as the side to side motion takes up more room.

    IF I ever get over my fear of breaking some bones, I intend to lose weight riding it. (Funny. how fear of pain increases with age.) I want to lose around fifty pounds to look better (As if anythng would help) and be better playing V-Ball. And I am sure I could do it rather quickly ONCE I start.

    I am SO QUICK! 🙂

    It only took me over fifty years to figure out I had been a “Professional Athlete” as I was a life guard at our city pool in Grand Junction, Co. And for a resort hotel in Miami Beach where I also got paid to do both “Straight” and “Comic” diving off one, and three meter boards. Such fun!

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