It’s Slammer Time!

Phony War Hero Gets 18 Months Jail Time

A Marine Corps sergeant was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months confinement and fined $25,000 for pretending to be an injured war hero to get free seats at rock concerts and professional sporting events.

Sgt. David W. Budwah also will be reduced in rank to private and dishonorably discharged after any appeals. He must forfeit all pay and benefits during his confinement and is subject to up to 3 1/2 years of additional prison time if he re-offends within two years.

He never deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan and did not help with the 2004 tsunami relief effort as he had earlier claimed. He hadn’t earned eight of the medals and ribbons he wore on his uniform. He did serve as a radio operator in Okinawa from 2000 until 2006.

Budwah acknowledged he lied when he told young boys at an American Legion camp in western Maryland in July 2008 that he was wounded in Afghanistan when he dove on a homemade grenade to shield a buddy from the blast.

What a piece of [work].

One of the events he bluffed his way into was a Washington Redskins game. Part of his sentence should include another Redskins game this year. (Bada Boom)

He also ripped off Soldiers’ Angels.

Prison is probably the safest place for him right now.


  1. I’ll never understand that attitude. It’s not enough to have served, and get a 214 that says “honorable” on it.

    So what you were an RTO for a few years. It was a damn site more than most people ever do. What’s the shame in that?

    But nope- you have to have been a specialforcesrangerninjaseal with the phony deployments, ribbons, and wounds to go with it.

  2. Well, at least they did something. I’m hoping the guy in Colorado gets properly hammered for faking his service and awards as well.

  3. I served with Budwah from 2000 to 2003 in MWCS-18 Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan. He was a very nice guy that would do pretty much anything for you, but he did have a shady attitude about him. He kept telling everyone about how his grandfather left him several businesses and piles of cash for an inheritance. I never thought any different because my SNCOIC had shopped at one of his businesses with his help, and supposedly got a really good deal. Makes me wonder now, if it was true, and if so what extent did he have to go to in order to make it seem true? Oh well, still a good drinking buddy, and man can he play the guitar. I hope he learned his lesson.

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