A day late and a dinar short

New Saddam-free dinar showing strength

oldiraqimoney.jpgSeems that the new Iraq dinar has climbed in value from about 2,000 per US dollar to a high of about 1,100 per US dollar.

Some Iraqis said this was the biggest same-day change in their currency’s value since late 1995, when the dinar strengthened as the United Nations prepared to relax the economic embargo then in effect against Iraq.

The dinar retreated to 1,300 by late Wednesday and slipped further on Thursday to 1,350. Traders and economists alike foresee volatile changes in the dinar’s worth in the weeks and months ahead.

Foreign speculators are suspected to be a major part of the climb, and there’s been a recent rush to trade in old Saddam dinars for the new ones. The deadline to do so was yesterday.

The old dinars are being marked with red ink and will be destroyed.

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