A Good Terrorist

Another former Gitmo detainee killed in a shootout

On Oct. 13, a former Guantanamo detainee named Yousef Mohammed al Shihri was killed in a shootout at a checkpoint along the Saudi-Yemeni border. Al Shihri and his accomplices were stopped by Saudi security forces after their suspicious behavior drew attention.

Two of the travelers, including al Shihri, were reportedly dressed as women. Saudi security personnel decided to search the al Qaeda car and its passengers, but al Shihri and the others opened fire. Al Shihri and one other al Qaeda member were killed in the shootout, while a third was arrested. One Saudi security officer was also killed. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

What a coward.

He was repatriated to Saudi Arabia in November 2007. It’s not clear to Murdoc exactly why, but fortunately things worked out in the end.

Via Powerline, which writes:

Instead of investigating those who extracted information from captured terrorists who had been unwilling to provide any, perhaps the Obama administration should investigate those who caused terrorists like al Shihri to be released so they resume their jihad.

Seems the Saudis, who lost a man in this shootout, would also want to know.