‘I think they would be very grateful’

Yesterday I implied that the only good terrorist was a dead terrorist, but some people apparently disagree:

Amherst mulls resolution welcoming Guantanamo detainees

The western Massachusetts university town of Amherst is mulling a resolution urging the Congress to release cleared Guantanamo Bay detainees into the United States and calling for the town to welcome those detainees into the community.

The town’s Select Board voted 2-1 Monday night to endorse a warrant article titled, “Resolution to Assist in the Safe Resettlement of Cleared Guantanamo Detainees.”

“The United States has a long history of being a place of refuge and asylum for persecuted people. There’s nothing new about this,” said Gerry Weiss, one of the two selectmen supporting the resolution. “This is the tradition of the United States.”

The resolution was submitted by Ruth Hooke, a Town Meeting member and a member of Pioneer Valley No More Guantanamos.

You have to read it to believe it. And even then you won’t believe it.

Weiss said he wasn’t concerned that the cleared detainees could be a danger. “I think they were wrongly imprisoned,” he said. “I don’t believe they want revenge. I think they would be very grateful to any people that show them some kindness. They may harbor some ill will toward the US government, but that would be a lot of people.”

What an idiot.

I thought the people who wanted to transfer Guantanamo detainees to maximum security prisons inside the US were dumb, but this guy want to LET THEM GO inside the US.

Via WSJ’s Best of the Web, which notes:

Very longtime readers of this column will remember that we’ve mentioned Amherst before. In October 2001, we wrote about the decision of the Amherst Board of Selectmen to ban the American flag from the city’s Main Street. Jennie Traschen, at the time an associate professor of physics at the University of Massachusetts’ Amherst campus, spoke against the flag, which she described as “a symbol of tyranny and fear and destruction and terrorism.”

The meeting and the vote took place on Sept. 10, 2001.


  1. Wonder what would happen the first time a former Guantanamo inmate met up with one of his former guards, now attending UMass?

    Maybe they’d compare which of them’s getting better benefits- the “former” terrorist or the vet who was honorably discharged.

  2. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 22 years and the sick thing is, you start to expect this sort of thing.

  3. Unless there’s an uproar from the eggheads & citizens against this, Amherst will get everything it deserves.

    And I’m glad I no longer live in the Kennedy People’s Democrat of Massachusetts.

  4. Let the idiots have them. The only precondition being that they need to erect a thirty foot hight cement and barbed wire wall around their community. Everyone wins.

    Its good to see that its not just Berkley. But then that also means the disease is spreading, which is not so good.

    I’m trying to decide if the complete disconnect between people’s ideology and reality is getting worse or not. Any ideology. Has the dominance of the Internet and the ability to only read news with which you are predisposed to agree with lead to people living in these informational bubbles, or has it always been this way and modern media’s ever larger reach just makes us more aware of it?

    Maybe if someone had just extended a welcoming hand to Mohamed Atta that whole unpleasant mass murder thing could have been avoided.

  5. All I can say is send them to Amherst and make sure they live with the town’s select board.

  6. MO,
    When you come out for the marathon make a day trip out to western MA. I’ll get a picture of you under the UN flag in front of Amherst’s town hall.

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