ACE on the Stryker

Styrker “revolving door” and slat armor

Airborne Combat Engineer has a post on MO’s favorite Army vehicle. He notes the criticisms that many have and the fact that opponents seem to be ignoring 40 years of history when they trumpet the strengths of the tracked M113.

Go check it out. And not just because he was kind enough to link to MO in his post.


  1. You have a misstatement on your page regarding the weight of the Stryker. You note that ‘due to increased armor weight’ the Stryker is not able to meet its contractual weight. Not at all. The first Stryker to roll off the assembly line weighed 19 tons (38,000 pounds) and could not fulfill its requirement to be C-130 deployable on the first day. All since then have also weighted 38,000 pounds and none have met the contractual requirement of being deployable for 1,000 nautical miles by our 600 plane C-130 fleet AND arrive ready to fight. That add-on ‘slat armor’ bolted on in Kuwait added another 5,000 pounnds to the 38,000 pounds to get it up over 43,000 pounds but the vehicle was overweight and could not meet the contract specifications BEFORE the ‘slat armor’ was added.