The people have spoken

In the name of fairness, here are some other pictures of the recent anti-war protests in Washington, DC. These folks are not doing their agenda any service.

The numbers didn’t look nearly as impressive as the stories indicate. When it’s a Saddam statue being pulled down, it’s staged with paid attendees. When it’s an anti-war protest, it’s a lot bigger than it looks. And am I the only one who’s noticed that mid-week protests seem to attract a lot more people than those on Saturday? It seems that students the world over are suddenly fanatically loyal to any cause that gives them an excuse to ditch class for an afternoon. It defies belief!

Obviously, the picture taker picked out the ones that support her position. I’ll grant that. What I’m asking is that poeople who support the other position grant that the pictures shown in most big media stories are also hand-picked.

I’m listening, but all I hear are the crickets chirping. (via Instapundit)