‘This whole notion that the surge is working is fantasy’ — Senator Joe Biden

Blackfive povides History Lesson – The Iraq Surge


  1. The complete lack of introspection on the part of the left is astounding. When I stand up and loudly proclaim something to be truth and it turns out to be just bare-assed wrong, I tend to get embarrassed (as the hyphenated adjective would suggest). Most of these politicians have no shame. Up is down black is white, and we have always been at war with Eurasia.

    Democrats have never had a problem with playing naked politics with our troops in harm’s way. Which might explain why they are always so quick to throw that accusations at their opponents.

  2. Ha yeah. Iraq is Vietnam. Afghanistan is Vietnam. Vietnam is Vietnam. Every war we will fight is destined to fail like Vietnam.

    What would success have looked like to you? The fact that US funds were spent for Sunni militia cooperation taints everything? I don’t have time or the inclination to watch everything you posted, plus I really distrust everything Dan Rather says, but I don’t get the point of what I did watch. War is messy shitty business. Success is that which accomplishes strategic goals in a timely manner, preferably not getting lots of our troops killed in the process. I’d say the Iraq of today, continued violence included, much more resembles that statement than it did before the surge.

    Of course the troop increase was a small part of the surge strategy, as Murdoch has pointed out and Michael Yon illustrated in tons of his dispatches. Engaging the people, being the most powerful and trustworthy tribe, and giving the average Iraqi a more secure position in which to side with the coalition was what mattered. Strangely enough, people were OK with working with us after they could be fairly sure they and their family wouldn’t be executed for doing so. Using air power and pinpoint munitions for targeted assassinations, as one of your videos seemed to be getting at, would have accomplished none of that, and left a population that hated us to boot.

    I don’t know if the same thing can be translated to Afghanistan, but I’m pretty sure the present strategy, which is a lot more predator assassinations and not enough troops, is not working. To see all the same faces that came out against the surge basically doing the same here is a kick. They have no solutions now, just as they had no solutions then. They have just enough of a fig leaf of cover to not be seen completely retreating, while taking the least politically risky approach to war.

    It’s no wonder the left thinks every war is Vietnam. They keep using the same strategy as they did then.

  3. I think you’re on to something, Nadnerbus… although I wouldn’t dignify the administration’s policy by calling it a “Strategy”.

    Just sending a bunch of troops into a given battlefield and expecting this gesture alone to make the problem go away isn’t a Strategy — it’s more like a Delusion.

    Then again, given that our Chickenhawk “leaders” want to “look busy”, it’s probably more CYA than anything else.

  4. Well yeah. Just sending more meat to the grinder is the last thing they should do. A Vietnam military strategy will lose again just as surely as it lost when Westmorland was calling the shots. But a consistent counter insurgency strategy in the troubled areas, coupled with at least modest building (not “re,” there was nothing there to rebuild) of infrastructure has a chance of succeeding. Or if not, I want them to pull everyone out now. Losing the lives of our service men and women for a project with no chance of success infuriates me.

    A few years back, a kid I had worked with was shot in the head by a sniper and killed in Iraq. James Jack Coon. The whole town turned out for his funeral at Civic Park. I was so pissed off then, seeing the daily lack of progress, and continued slip into anarchy. A more adept strategy, and quicker responses to the changes in country before they spiraled out of control might have saved his life. And I was greatly heartened to see Petraeus take over and turn things around. If I had my way, we wouldn’t trade any American lives for other people’s problems. But if we have to, godammit, I want it to mean something.

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