Comments & Blogroll

I hope I haven’t broken some unspoken blogging rule, but I copied and pasted all the comments from the old Blog*Spot site into the corresponding posts on this site. I entered the same names and entered them in order, but I didn’t bother to adjust the dates back to the original comment dates. My aim was to present the whole discussion, as often more comes out or the original post is clarified in the comments section.

Also, I’ve finally broken down and utilized the system to post links at the bottom of the sidebar at left. They are displayed in order of update, with the freshest at the top of the list. In addition, the freshest of the fresh, currently those updated within the past three hours, are highlighted with ‘+’ signs. This blogroll is long and will continue to grow.

The ‘LINKS’ list will continue to be a manually maintained list of the places I visit most frequently and recommend the most. I will keep this list short and it will change over time. Sites in the Links list will also be in the Blogrolling list.

Visit them all. Enjoy.


  1. Keep up the good work, Sir, and ignore the riff-raff responders. I make a point to check MO each AM and PM, along with about 9 others. I notice (a good summary of blog posts re. Iraq/Afghanistan) has linked a number of your posts. Later, ACE

  2. Thanks for the kind words and for reading MO. I had been meaning to post about the lack of a PayPal button for some time, and that mindless comment just gave me a way to have fun while doing it. I’ve been called worse, and even though I don’t know Lydua, I imagine it’s been by people a lot better than her. I wandered upon your site by accident one day. I think it was via Typepad’s recently updated list. Anyway, you’ve got a top-notch site. Thanks for reading.