Some Quick Thoughts from Yon

NOTE: This post was supposed to publish on 04 November but did not, for some reason. I just found it while going through things related to the theme change. It’s still relevant, so I’m posting now.

From Michael Yon’s Twitter feed:

Best case scenario for Afghanistan would likely to reach the level of Nepal by 2040 or 2070. Still bad but a great travel destination.


Afghan war likely will become far worse than we saw in Iraq.


  1. So. . . no matter what we do, stay or go, we’re screwed. Nothing but quagmire any way we turn.

    I guess this is why the Founding fathers warned against foreign entanglements.

  2. The whole region is *permanently* screwed, but if the US military’s “leadership” could remember why we went there (*cough*AL QAEDA*cough*), we would have been done and gone YEARS ago.

    Not that the “leaders” WANT us to leave — contractors are making too much money playing “Bob the Rebuilder”, and (Br)asshat generals are having too much fun playing Olive Drab Homemaker.
    After all, if we left, who could we keep mowing the lawns we planted there, run circles on the PT tracks we built, play games at the tennis and volleyball courts we put up, and march on the parade grounds?

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