A reader checks in

I received a very thoughtful comment from a reader on my earlier post about the “Did the US create Saddam” argument. It’s amazing to me how the discussion in the comments section can sometimes overshadow the original post, and how more clarity and depth can be given to a given subject when folks check in with their two cents. The comment, from Lydua, reads

You are an idiot. Does someone pay you for being so stupid?

Especially amazing to me is how Lydua is able to add so much content to a 700-word post (which itself links to another post rich with links to extensive material) simply by dropping in two sentences. Twelve little words. My response is

No, I’m like this completely free of charge to you, the reading public.

If I added a PayPal donation button, though, would you be interested in contributing?

Thanks for reading.

I need to explain myself a bit, though, since Lydua may be a new reader here at MO and therefore might not be familiar with my sometimes-sarcastic manner. I really wouldn’t consider adding a PayPal button to MO for a couple of reasons.

First, it doesn’t cost me monetarily right now to keep this site up and running. I have taken advantage of the free hosting deal at 1&1 and I use MovableType, which can be downloaded for free. I don’t have enough traffic to warrant premium trackers, and I didn’t buy my templates, but instead designed them myself. (GAAAA! Can you you tell?)

Second, if I did accept donations I might feel obligated to post about issues that the donators were personally interested in, or post about them in a manner acceptable to the donators. This would be unacceptable to me, in part because I work hard to run an ethical site based upon personal integrity and virtue, but mostly because I’m too far too egotistical to let anyone else in on the fun.

Also, since I do not accept donations, I can quit posting any damn time I want and not have to worry about anyone feeling ripped off.

This isn’t to say that MO will NEVER have a PayPal or Amazon button, though. When the free hosting deal is up, maybe I’ll need some scratch to keep running. Maybe the site will take off and I’ll exceed my bandwidth limits. Maybe my little girl will need a new pair of shoes.

In any event, if I ever do begin to accept personal donations, I will NOT accept matching public funds. We have a war to pay for, and all.

So Lydua, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and hope to hear more from you in the near future. Also, I’m amazed that my post is currently the #2 Google return for your search string of soviet union fault AND cold war. Bizzare. I know you probably didn’t find what you were looking for in that post, but best of luck.

UPDATE: My post’s position on Google for that search string is actually #12, not #2. Didn’t catch that it was page #2. My faith in Google is (somewhat) restored. Google on.


  1. Well, at least she did not say she was your ‘Number one fan’. You may recall what happened to somebody in a Stephen King novel when he met his ‘number one fan’!