Friday Linkzookery – 06 Nov 2009

Why you can’t get swine-flu vaccine
Government requirement for single-dose syringes instead of multidose vials slowed things considerably.

Celecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle by Sisk Rifles<br />AVAILABLE NOW

Major Shipment of Iranian Arms Seized
Israeli naval commandos intercepted a ship carrying “hundreds of tons” of arms from Iran to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia

Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle
Chapters include Custom Varmint Rifles, Rifles for Alaska, Custom Rifles and Kids, and What About a Wildcat?

Pete Hoekstra cites his opposition to bringing Gitmo detainees to Michigan
In letter soliciting funds for his campaign for governor

The Air Force’s E-8 Joint STARS is proving to be a powerful force in the Afghanistan war.

Chilton: U.S. Needs More Ready-to-Launch Satellites
No “bullpen” of satellites and no stock of launchers ready for quick launches if needed.

India Seeks To Bolster Transport With 10 C-17s

J8II Ground Attacker
The Chinese are converting old interceptors into attack aircraft.

More Frigates Sought for EU Somalia Mission
3 or 4 have been committed, but they’ll need at least 6 or 10. Really, you can never have enough frigates. Where is the 21st-century FFG7?

Airman among 6 killed in bar shooting in Mexico
Another was seriously wounded. Juarez is terrible and getting worse. Secure the border.

The Story of ‘Operation Orchard’
How Israel Destroyed Syria’s Al Kibar Nuclear Reactor

The use of German tanks in Soviet army
Photos and info about captured tanks in WW2.

Taiwan says China starts building first aircraft carrier
They will attempt to get it into service by 2012, they claim.

201st Carnival of Homeschooling
Lots of links at The Informed Parent.


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