Bremer on FoxNews Sunday

L. Paul Bremer is on FoxNews Sunday, which I’m watching via the wonder of TiVo. He just said “terrorists declared war on us on September 11th.” This is something that we hear a lot about, and something that I think actually distorts the actual situation. A defacto state of war has existed for years, if not decades. I realize that using 9/11 as a rallying cry is effective propaganda, and I don’t really have an issue with it, but preaching it constantly is certainly going to enhance the perception that we’re out for revenge. Our position, which I believe and support, is that we’re out to eradicate international terrorism.

Revenge for 9/11 supported the campaign in Afghanistan. It does not support our invasion of Iraq. If we constantly beat the 9/11 drum and go on national TV and say things like “the war started on September 11th,” we are actually working against ourselves.

Bremer also points out that Iraq is on the way to becoming a democracy and that this fact will bring terrorists to Iraq for as long as the neighbors aren’t supportive of that form of government. And that we cannot make Iraq secure without help from the local Iraqis, both in the form of Iraqi military and police forces and intelligence from the population.

Also, Tony Snow (who I believe deserves more credit as a news program host than he generally gets, regardless of your political beliefs) just posted a quote from Gen. Sanchez:

“The enemy has evolved, a little bit more lethal, a little bit more complex, a little bit more sophisticated. As long as we are here, the coalition needs to be prepared to take casualties.”

He said this on October 2nd. Although I don’t think anyone like to hear that, it’s the sort of thing that our leaders need to be saying.

The Rumsfeld memo said we’re in for “a long, hard slog.” Although opponents gleefully point out that this proves we’re in over our heads, I think it’s actually the sort of honest, open talk that our leaders haven’t been engaged in. Let’s hear more of it. From both sides.

I’m not holding my breath. For either side.

UPDATE: Debbye at Being American in T.O. notes the link to the transcript.


  1. I only watch FOX News for giggles and laughs. It is the only way you can watch news on that channel as otherwise it would scare you as to what extent our media is being controlled. Thank goodness the newspapers aren’t yet AS controlled as TV news, hopefully it will remain that way for awhile yet. Allowing Media Giants to form is obviously a bad idea regardless what the politics of that company is. I believe most Americans want the most UNdistorted news they can get. Undistorted by left or right..just give us the news! ***

  2. >>’Just give us the news!’ I agree. But where do you get ‘just the news’? I’ll grant that FoxNews has an agenda. What bothers me is that people who think that usually don’t think that CNN or the New York Times also have agendas. Conservative news outlets are part of the ‘right-wing conspiracy,’ but liberal news outlets are middle-of-the-road. No bias there… ***

  3. I want to know if Marine’s Girl is still available (I’m guessing no). I’m grateful MO has another more fair and balanced reader. ***

  4. I am, too. (Hell, at this point I’ll take ANY readers readers, balanced or otherwise.) I just hope that thinking that FoxNews is only good for ‘giggles and laughs’ isn’t the standard for being ‘more fair and balanced.’ (First of all, they may sue you for trademark infringement if you call yourself ‘fair and balanced.’) But I need to see the same standard applied to what clearly seem to be liberal news outlets. I don’t. ***

  5. Mac guy, Available for what? Murdoc, I think you covered that story very well. Not FOX like at all. I get my news from a variety of sources, newspapers, tv and internet. For balance war coverage, I actually prefer the BBC overall. The BBC has actually been reporting the numbers of the wounded more correctly as well. ***