2012 Director Selective About what he Destroys

What even Roland Emmerich won’t destroy: an Islamic landmark

On destroying the Sistine Chapel:

“It has to kind of stand for something. One of my favorite pieces of art is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: … God … reaches out to Adam, and the crack goes through it. It’s just an interesting kind of notion.”

On destroying St. Peter’s Basillica:

“The whole Vatican kind of tips and kind of rolls over the people. It said something, because in the story, some people … believe in praying and prayer, and they pray in front of the church, and it’s probably the wrong thing, what they would do in that situation.”

On destroying Christ the Redeemer statue:

“Because I’m against organized religion.”

On NOT destroying the Kaaba in Mecca:

“But my co-writer Harald said I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie. And he was right.”

He said he didn’t think it was an “important element, anyway,” so he “left it out.”

It would be interesting to see the complete, actual, unedited quotes, because the way they’re presented in the story makes Emmerich look pretty bad.


  1. So, a western movie depicting the destruction of the entire world, based upon interpretations of the Mayan calender, WON’T visually the destruction of a landmark in Saudi Arabia — even though we KNOW it happens?

    Sounds like physical AND moral cowardice to me.

  2. C’moon Balcktail………..the guy’s a purveyer of poorly thought out, and executed popular entertainment (think 10,000 BC) NOT; a hard hitting, truth telling, saviour of humanity (think Michael Moore , or Al Gore). LOL!

    I think I’m going to give 2012 a pass……..I hate disaster movies, and this one looked worse than most in the trailer. Nice of the backers and producers to geek up all the excitable children who’re into the 2012, end of the world, Nostrodamus BS though.

  3. The dimmest undergraduate’ thoughts I ever read in the worst paper he ever wrote were expressed more coherently than Emmerich’s rambling.

    Uh…the…uh..it’s like, ironic, like…or…uh.

  4. I kinda zoned out of all of his movies ever since Independence Day.

    Kinda sad when you’re like…7 or so years old and had more common sense than the military/government portrayed in the movie ~_~

  5. Well, the guy is making a popcorn flick designed to be enjoyed with two or three brain cells. I probably wouldn’t go there either, judging from past ridiculous outbursts from the “Muslim street.” I guess it’s cowardice, but the guy isn’t making Saving Private Ryan or 1984. Why invite controversy of any kind?

    His movies are terrible though, so there’s not a lot of draw there for me.

  6. Neil: Absolutely. Not going is a great way to demonstrate your opinion. I don’t intend to go, though I’ll admit that I didn’t intend to go before I saw this.

    Stating your opinion is another great way to demonstrate your opinion. Just because it’s entertainment doesn’t mean that he isn’t on the hook for the entertainment that he creates. Calling him out on it is fair game.

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