Major Incident at Fort Hood

Reports of 7 dead and 20 wounded. Reports of at least one suspect in custody.

Reports that were another couple of shooters. So not some guy who “just lost it.”

UPDATE: Still developing, but it sounds like two shooters, not three. They were reportedly dressed as soldiers, but it’s Fort Hood. Could be a couple of soldiers who “went nuts.” Could be a couple of civilians with axes to grind. Could be enemy fighters like those guys who wanted to attack Ft. Dix.

Could be just about anything at this point.

UPDATE 2: Now I heard 9 or 12 dead. And that one shooter is dead plus two more in custody, all soldiers.


UPDATE 3: The dead shooter was a major (!) named Malik Nadal Hasan. It’s currently unclear whether he was the only shooter, as some witnesses said that there was more than one. Maybe they were confused by guys shooting back?

Two others are in custody.

UPDATE 4: Incidentally, I was trying to watch some live coverage online of Obama’s press conference on the incident but all I saw was him giving a “shout-out” to some people in the crowd and talking about some conference. I figured it was taped from earlier so I turned it off. Now what I’m reading makes me think that that was live. What was that all about? Didn’t he know the cameras were on? Shout outs to supporters? [Update: He gave the shout out to Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom recently, not “a supporter.”]

Or was that not actually live at the time? It was close to 5:00 PM eastern.

UPDATE 5: The shooter is still alive.


  1. 12 dead. Shooter was about to deploy to Iraq. Maybe didn’t want to go? recent muslim “convert”.

  2. Truly a terrible incident. Fox is reporting he’d made multiple statement about not wanting to deploy.

    We had a noncom go on the bug at a psychological services (if I remember rightly) one of the camps at the BIAP (Baghdad Intl Airport0 complex last spring. Apparently he’d received some low level discipline of some sort, was receiving counseling, had expressed anger, was judged to be a danger by psych services staff, had his armed weapon on base priviledges revoked, and was under armed escort…………when he was able to grab a sidearm from one of his escorts……….think he killed 5 at the psych center if I remember rightly.

    While I don’t know any more particulars about the Ft. Hood incident than you guys………I worked with psych services staff at my last agency; extensively for more than 15 years, in regards to proper security and treatment protocol. According to the majority of them, and as reflected by our agnecy policy and procedure…….if the individual is talking smack, let alone threatening violance against themselves or others……all staff were required to formaly report the behavior, and managers and supervisors were required to take firm resolute action (which we routinely did). My take on work place or, shcool, violance (military or otherwise) is people don’t pay attention to the warning signs (they’re always there if you know what to look for), take them seriously enoguh and act. Truly sad in all cases.

    CNN just announcing the Hood shooter was a psych!

  3. A military base is like a school – lots of unarmed targets close together. The only difference is that soldiers should have situational awareness and fast reactions.

    The only times I had both a weapon and ammo on base was at the rifle range and while guarding the armory. We send soldiers armed to the teeth to live among sometimes hostile civilians for a year or more in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we don’t trust them to have access to a weapon at Fort Hood or Bragg.

  4. “recent muslim “convert”.”


    According to Hasan’s cousin he’s been a Muslim since birth.

  5. Let’s hope the US military conducts a missive internal investigation into the loyalties of the rest of it’s personnel, before a USAF Major with hacking skills barricades himself into an ICBM control room…

  6. I don’t have any opinions on the shooter that a short length of rope couldn’t express better. The radio commentator I was listening to at the gym kept calling him a jihadist sympathizer. No. He’s a jihadist. period. That fact that he didn’t have the decency to die during his attack just means we have an opportunity to make him live on ham, bacon and pork rinds for the rest of his life.

    I am expecting to get an e-mail today from my favorite “let’s uninvent the gun”er who I used to work for. I always made the point that mass shootings always take place in so-called ‘gun free zones’. In reality, ‘Gun free zones’ = ‘Free Fire Zones For Mass Killers”. Let’s face it. How many mass shootings have you heard of at NRA conventions. My old boss is going to claim that a mass shooting at a military base disproves my contention that an armed society would prevent mass shootings because everybody in the military has guns and they still weren’t able to stop the killings.

    But the reality is that Fort Hood proves my case. Domestic military bases are some of the largest gun free zones in United States. When you wander through a military installation, the only people packing heat are the military police at the gate. Unlike the vast majorities of states. I don’t believe they allow concealed carry on military bases. All weapons are locked up in armories that are generally far from the housing areas. The personnel at Ft. Hood were actually at greater risk to a mass shooting than the general public because it’s pretty much guaranteed that no Good Samaritan with a Concealed Carry Weapon permit was going step up and stop the carnage.

    Hard lessons. Too bad nobody learns from them.

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