Giving a Shout-Out

Witnesses say that Nidal Malik Hasan, apparently a lifelong Muslim and not a recent convert as initially reported, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire yesterday. Although reportedly killed, he survived and is in custody.

Guess he was just giving a “shout-out” before getting things going.

Fort Hood commander Lt. Gen. Robert Cone said that they have not officially confirmed that Hasan made the opening remarks.

Cone said Hasan was hospitalized in stable condition and that investigators hope to interrogate him as soon as possible.

I’ll bet they do. They’re probably lined up around the block hoping for a chance to interrogate this guy.


  1. I wonder if anyone is prepared to point out that at any given moment there can be like 50,000 people on Ft Hood. And it’s been there for a loooong time. So the number of servicemembers who have ever been assigned there must be in the millions.

    And the number who have gone batsh!t and started shooting their own people is right around 1.

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