‘Transferred PTSD’?!?

Welcome to “Jumping to Conclusions While Pretending Not to 101.”

If, when the evidence is in, this turns out to be a case of a loyal American soldier “losing it” due to the stress and horrors of war, this lone killer will be held up as an example of how such things are a terrible risk in the US military and that it’s a huge issue that needs to be addressed as many, many more could do the same thing at any moment.

If, on the other hand, this turns out to be a jihadist who put his faith before his country (as seems likely from what I’ve seen so far), he’ll be dismissed as lone wacko. One in a million. Move on. Nothing to see.

The truth is probably somewhere in between somewhere.


  1. “A lone wacko. One in a million. Move on.”

    Yea. Right.

    That’s what the Liberals’s shouted about the few “Islamic” Wackos who, like Major Nasan shouted Allah Akbar as they went about killing 3,000+ on 9-11.

  2. There is more than sufficent evidence PROVING that while he may only be a “Whacko” he is ALSO A MOSLEM TERRORIST!

    The same evidence cleary shows more than a few in this idiots chain of command FAILED in their duty!
    Today, I was sent an article on this which pointed out the many things he did which certainly should hae alerted those around him.

  3. Shouting “Allahu Akbar” before firing the shots makes it a religiously motivated terrorist and treasonous act.

  4. Was telling someone that unless security recordings or something had him saying it AND they leaked to the public, we’d soon be hearing that reports of “Allahu Akbar” would remain “unconfirmed.” Thought I blogged it but guess not.

  5. Bellowing Allahu Akbar is the same as yelling Oh My God! as you shoot Afghanis defending their homes, perhaps they see Christian terrorists in U.S. troops behavior too? No wonder Bin Laden always went on about Western Crusaders, (soldiers of the Cross).

    1. Bellowing Allahu Akbar is the same as yelling Oh My God!

      No it isn’t. Please educate yourself on the usage of the phrase before pretending to make a point.

      1. OK, I am educated on the use of this expression and since we are nit picking it means Great God / God greatest, similar in sentiment to God allmighty, (as in nothing is more powerful or knowing).

        1. Clearly you are unfamiliar with its usage. OR PRETENDING TO BE STUPID.

          But keep explaining translations instead of the usage being referred to. It’s fascinating.

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