State of the Union Speech

Jotting notes as he goes…

Some folks applauded when Bush said that the Patriot Act would soon expire. Good.

I wish, when he was describing the current state of affairs in Iraq, he had admitted that things were tougher and going more slowly than we had hoped or expected in the post-invasion phase. There’s no dishonor in that.

“No one can now doubt the word of America” alludes to the fact that there have been times where our word could be doubted. Good.

So far, there’s been a lot more foreign policy than I expected.

He should have listed our allies in Iraq much more slowly. It seems like he kind of rushed through them. Still took a bit, though.

“America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country.” Amen.

“Expect a higher standard from our friends.” Does this mean Saudi Arabia? Pakistan? Israel? I hope so. It had better.

“We’re making progress for every child in America” showed a teenage kid, chin in his hands, a glum look on his face. Tell me he wasn’t thinking “Homework.”

“Unless you act. Unless you act. Unless you act Americans face a tax increase.” The monkey is on their desk.

“Make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy.” This is key, but I don’t know what they’re going to do about it.

“Acting as good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.” Wouldn’t good stewardship involve spending wisely?

“Cut the deficit in half over the next five years.”? I say do it next year. Cut $24 non-military spending for every $1 of military spending that’s cut. Cut away.

The temporary worker program. Bad Bad Bad. I agree that those folks need amnesty, but it’s amnesty from imprisonment as illegal aliens. Amnesty long enough to get them across the border.

I wanted to see if Hillary Clinton was applauding the prescription drug plan. They didn’t show her. Too bad. It’s a bloated, over-priced program bordering on socialized medicine. She should love it.

Health savings account. Why not just lower taxes and ditch the tax-free programs?

Computerizing health records. Good. Efficient. They didn’t show John Ashcroft, who must be salivating over that plan.

“A government-run health plan is the wrong prescription.”? What the hell has he been talking about for the past ten minutes, then?

Fewer people using drugs than in 2001? Do you think that’s true? I’m skeptical.

“Some in professional sports are not setting a good example.” I’d say this applies to more than performance-enhancing drugs.

Hey, there’s Tom Brady. He was the QB on my fantasy team, the Deadskins, this season. Thanks for the good year, Tom.

Abstinence for young people? You’ve got better chances with the steroids in the NFL. What does that have to do with government, anyway?

He points out that Clinton signed the marriage protection act. That must piss some folks off.

I’m sorry, but this whole marriage issue has little or nothing to do with the state of the Union.

He stumbled on the faith-based charity bit where he pounds the lectern. Oops.

When you want to coddle the prisoners the Dems will stand up. To hell with Iraqis and the War on Terror. But let’s take care of those felons!

Man, there’s more up and down here than at Catholic Mass.

I hope my wife doesn’t read that previous note.

“His purposes are just and true. May God continue to bless America.” A lot of faith in this speech. I’m not complaining, but I’m sure a lot of critics will.

I’ll give the speech a preliminary 7 out of 10.