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Got this insightful comment over at GunPundit on a post about guns on Fort Hood:

I would maybe be one of the first to jump to the conclusion that this was a “jihad” attack by a Mujahadeen, but this dude was a 15+ year veteran of the army, and a Major at that. I doubt he spent that long merely waiting for a chance to let off a few rounds at an army base. I could be wrong (and would be the first to admit), but i suspect this was just an army psychiatrist who finally had enough. Soldiers come home everyday not being able to process what they saw, and Major Hasan was there, everyday, listening to their stories, for him it would be like having PTSD 100x. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Ah, not only the Transferred PTSD excuse, but at 100x. Not only did this guy ‘catch’ PTSD, it was way worser than ever.

Hundreds and thousands of specialists have been dealing with troops coming home from the war zone for 8 years. Exactly one of them “finally had enough” and shot up a bunch of fellow soldiers. He’s the one who was shouting “Allahu Akbar” before he did it.

So this “transferred PTSD” theory is basically a bullshit excuse for a mass murderer. If you’re comfortable being an apologist for that sort of thing, go right ahead.


  1. Hundreds of psychs, chaplains (of all different religions), and the soldier’s buddies deal with this crap. What makes him special?

  2. Murdoc: Wow, didn’t expect to get that sort of response, nor did i in any way submit PTSD as an excuse for the killing of 13 people and the injury of 30, it was merely conjecture as to why. On top of ALL of this, no one has come out and said that they directly heard him say allah ackbar, they just thought they heard it (

    Also, the biggest bullshit excuse is saying that just because he was muslim means that he did it for religious reasons.

    Point being, you can slam me for conjecture, but in the end, they still need to fry the bastard.

  3. David: (Cross-posted from GP) Yes, we don’t have all the facts, and even if we did we wouldn’t know with absolute certainty what was going on in his head. However, it appears that this was pre-meditated act and more and more troubling signs are surfacing which nearly all point to religious motives. The fact remains that no one else who is dealing with war vets has done this.

    Soldier Keara Bono said she directly heard the shooter praising Allah before he opened fire. As more info comes out, this claim seems to be accurate. Link.

    I don’t think anyone is saying he did it “just because he was muslim “. Most Muslims aren’t doing this. It appears very possible that he did it because he is a fanatically militant Muslim, though, and a treasonous American.

    Finally, if I misunderstood your what you were getting at concerning PTSD, my apologies. A lot of people seem to be claiming that PTSD is a likely cause for what he did. Which I find to be pathetic.

  4. You are correct, it is sounding more and more like it was premeditated and as i stated originally, i will be the first to admit i was wrong. I also trust the memory of those soldiers trained to think clearly in situations that would make me curl up into a ball and cry for mommy.

    You are also correct in stating that we have not heard of psychiatrists dealing with war vets doing the same thing, nor do i expect we ever will.

    Too many people have jumped (people i know) to the conclusion that simply because he was Muslim, he was committing jihad. This thinking has become standard protocol whenever this sort of thing happens and it makes us look like biased assholes. Now, while we want to avoid being biased assholes, if the shoe fits, wear it.

    There was a misunderstanding, but most likely due to lack of clarity in my writing. If people want to hold his hand and wipe his ass by blaming it on PTSD then doom on them.

    Thats all ive got to say about this.

  5. David all Religions have flaws. One of the flaws Islam has is regarding suicide. I think all Western Religions offer continence with the taking of ones life. Islam’s view is
    similar, except If life is offered in Jihad. Such a deal . You end up dead, but now you get all the goodies of going before God as a Holly Warrior of God.

  6. Local Marine vet killed himself after he came home. Real young guy. News was that he was deeply troubled by what he had seen, and was very withdrawn, solitary, having a real hard time after getting out.

    Fair enough. ‘Cept as it turned out he drove a truck, and was never in a firefight, and never been wounded or even attacked. In short, a dream tour in Iraq.

    Folks figured though that because he had *heard* of terrible things others had gone through, some part of him decided to take on those experiences as his own. Not so much catching contagious PTSD, but more like vicarious PTSD.

    Maybe because there are so few widely seen templates for successful reintegration into the world after a combat tour without combat, and a young man needed some kind of guide for living outside the Corps, he settled on the one template that was easily attainable: veteran as brooding unstable powder keg.

    But inhis case, he took his own life instead of others’.

  7. Um, so I guess my point is that maybe there are people who are deeply troubled by others’ experiences.

    More precisely, hearing these other stories amplifies these folks’ already troubled mental state such that they become a danger to themselves and others.

    But of course if you kill yourself, or walk into a crowd and start shooting randomly, your mental health is quite evidently gone.

  8. I don’t know what upsets me more, the fact this guy did this or the fact that our leadership is more concerned about protecting diversity than our troops.

    According to General Casey, the most important thing now is to make sure we don’t add diversity to the casualty list.

    “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,”

    This guy should be relieved of command immediately. I don’t think he was that good of a leader in Iraq and it doesn’t appear that he is qualified to be CSA.

  9. The Army psych community needs to take a hard look at itself. These are the folks that are supposed to be helping us identify soldiers with problems and help them — and we’ve had a major push on suicide prevention over the past year — and it’s one of their guys who goes all whacktard on us? There were lots of signs, apparently — that community needs to police itself.

    RE: The shooter’s rank … I think the referenced post is significantly off base, but beyond its theory it spreads some poor factual data. Remember this dude was a doc, and USHA time aside, he’d basically been on active duty only since 2001, most of that internship and residency at Walter Reed … so effectively he’d had about 4 years of real active duty, but all of that in the same place he’d done his residency. Ft Hood, where he’d been for 3-4 months, was his first assignment outside the hospital where he’d trained. Docs get promoted based on professional qualifications. He may have held the rank of major, but given real world experience he was essentially a civilian professional who wore a uniform to work. Don’t get me wrong — docs who have had troop experience as brigade surgeons and the like are usually great, but I don’t put too much stock in their military credentials if all they’ve done is stateside hospital time.

    @11B: You know you can’t relieve GEN Casey of “command,” right? He’s the Chief of Staff of the Army … a staff officer, not a commander. Minor technicality I’d point out.

  10. Hawk: That’s a great great point about the rank. Yes, a major. But not the same sort of major most are going to think of off the bat.

    Regardless of his motivation, it’s not like some commander of combat troops who’s served a couple of tours “just snapped” and did this.

    11B: I had seen some of Casey’s quote about diversity, and I agree that it can be a strength. I had NOT seen the part about losing diversity being “worse” than this incident. That’s ridiculous and should trouble us greatly.


    There are MORE than sufficient facts now available to PROVE the reason he did it is BECAUSE HE IS A MOSLEM RELIGIOUS FANATIC & a TERRORIST on a Suicide mission!

    (And, he will NOT be the last to strike in the United States!)

  12. HELLO? Are the lights on and no one is home?




    Next, ALL religions have flaws?

    While true, when it the last time any Buddists committed any TERRORIST acts LIKE the JEWS, MOSLEMS and CHRISTIANS have?

    While I am not knowledgeable of any recent Jewish terrorist attacks, Moslems and Christians are ALWAYS doing them.

    Go ahead, google “Christian Terrorists” and you might get a clue.

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