Working Hard to Change the Story

CNN interviews Pvt Joseph Foster, a soldier who was wounded at Fort Hood. Here’s part of the transcript:

I was sitting in about the second row back when the assailant stood up, screamed and yelled Allah Akbar (ph) in Arabic and he opened fire.

A couple of minutes later, the interviewer wonders at the fact that Foster, kept soldiering on, not even realizing that he had been shot in the hip. Foster responds:

I had realized it at first, but with that much adrenaline, you tend to forget things.

Here is how CNN wrote up its own interview:

He said he “was sitting in about the second row back when the assailant stood up and yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ in Arabic and he opened fire,” Foster said Monday on CNN’s “American Morning.”

Foster, 21, said he wasn’t clear about whether the gunman said those exact words, noting that “with that much adrenaline, you tend to forget things.”

ABC has Keara Bono, also wounded in the attack, also saying that Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire. There seems to be no dispute. Anyone who says it’s unconfirmed is either misinformed or lying.

That includes CNN, even if they are considered a real news orgainization.


  1. Maybe the reporters, like General Casey, are more worried about protecting “diversity”. So they choose to report the story in the manner you’ve described.

  2. Don’t ask…

    Don’t tell….

    Didn’t Slick Willie issue that order to the military?

    Maybe the status conscious generals thought it applied to more than same sex hand holders?

  3. “I was sitting in about the second row back when the assailant stood up, screamed and yelled Allah Akbar (ph) in Arabic and he opened fire.”

    “Foster, 21, said he wasn’t clear about whether the gunman said those exact words, noting that “with that much adrenaline, you tend to forget things.”


  4. When do we get to see some peace from the Religion of Peace? Like an Islamic country moving to stop a genocide? Or maybe a Muslim father saying that he is OK with his daughter dressing like an infidel whore, and won’t in fact kill her.

    I’d like to hear more of those stories.

  5. And the Christian religion is “one of peace”?


    Anyone who thinks Christian religion is “one of peace” are totally clueless! They show a lack of historical knowledge, of current events and even what is in the Bible.

    The Christian god not only Kills and Kills and Kills some more accounting for at least for many hundreds of thousands of deaths, and it may well be over a million. The god of the Christians also instructs he/she/it’s followers to Kill and Kill and Kill as well.

    In fact, I only know of TWO places in the Bible where it says to NOT KILL while there are at least TWENTY EIGHT places where Christian believes are instructed TO KILL!

    So Christians, stop being HYPOCRITES when you are talking about the blood thirsty Moslem religion as your ain’t much better at all!

  6. Regarding Neil’s outburst:

    >And the Christian religion is ‘one of peace’?

    G. K. Chesterton said,

    “It isn’t that Christianity has been tried
    and found wanting.
    It is that Christianity has been found hard
    and therefore not tried.”

    The first peace here is one with God. This peace, the staying of judgement, concerns your response to ‘what will you do with this Jesus?’ Once you accept that God is boss, not you, you can deal with peace with the guy next to you. More than that gets beyond the scope of this blog.

    As far as your defense of the ‘blood thirsty Moslem religion’, I have this:

    When the Palestinians learn to love their own children more than they hate ours, then perhaps we will have peace. – Golda Meir

    The ‘Religion of Peace’ is a self-applied label. If these people are finding their Islam ‘too hard’, then where are their chastisers, or the apologists saying ‘that isn’t really Islam’?

  7. Neil,
    The Christian god only kills? Well, Allah = God. The Muslim god is the same god that Christians and Jews believe in.

    But in the Muslim view, the others had started out fine when they recieved God’s word but had gotten it wrong in time. So wrong that He sent his divine word to his final prophet, Mohammed.

    His word was issued in classical Arabic, is perfect, and correct. To live outside of the rules laid out in the Koran and the example set by Mohammed and his companions, is to live outside Islam.

    And that’s really all there is to it.

  8. Excuse me Neil, but when was the last time a Christian jumped up on a table, and yelled “JESUS SAVES” and started hozing unarmed soldiers? Or wandered into a crowd and blew themselves up just to kill a bunch of “sinners”? Or strapped bombs on their kids? Or declared that everyone of any other religion than theirs should be killed or converted?

    YES people have used religion as an excuse for murder and subjugation, this is not in question. The question is, which ones TEACH offensive action as a BASIC tenant instead of peace and pursasion unless attacked? Sorry dude, you wanna quote the bible, and history, thats fine, but even though in the bible God has at times told the Israelites to wipe a people out, but it never says to wipe everyone out but Hebrews. Nowhere in the New Testement do I recall God telling Christians to “kill non-belivers and especially Muslims anywhere you find them” and I certainly know of no main stream congregations being taught such.

    Be careful the comparisons you make in the heat of the moment.

  9. Ha. I’m not even Christian.

    As a general non believer, I would much rather see a world dominated by MODERN Christianity than “modern” Islam. I could give a rat’s ass about what is in each tenets’ books or dogma, or what either one did to themselves or others in the past. What I do care about is how it is practiced in general today. And from what I have garnered, I am far less likely to go to a Christian country and have my head hacked off by pissed of Christians, or be blown up by a suicide Christian bomber, than in a Muslim country.

    The whole “we’re as bad as them” argument is tired and threadbare. Until Islam goes through some sort of reformation of its own, in which the individual is empowered to interpret their religion, and free will instead of God’s (the clerics’) will is taught, the conflicts will continue.

    And Neil, or you for real on all this stuff, or just a good troll? Your use of caps lock interests me.

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